United Football 3.83

Official mobile app for the Philippines sports League

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    Windows XP / Windows 2000 / Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98

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    6.6 (276)

United Football is an arcade-style soccer game with a strong online component. The game can include up to five human players collaborating against a computer-controlled opponent. Some of those slots can also make use of AIs to help the humans out.

The graphics of the game are a little cartoony. This is a sharp contrast to the tradition of hyper-realistic soccer simulation games. It is refreshing to find a soccer game that does not take itself as seriously as the simulators, because that means the designers put more effort into gameplay than into reproducing historical lineups or stadiums.

As for gameplay, United Football has an interesting control scheme. The only keyboard controls are FPS-style WASD movement controls, whereas controlling of the ball is done with the mouse. Most soccer games have a complicated set of keyboard commands to control the team, but United Football ditches that in favor of a simpler setup.

The game is online only, although the mechanic that lets AI players take over for humans means that the game can be played as if it were single player just by putting computers in control of all but one slot in the player list.

However, as appealing as this all may seem, United Football will not run well on most computers purchased in the past five to seven years or so. The game is not compatible with any Windows operating system since XP and Windows 98, both of which no longer have official support from Microsoft. Windows Vista, 7, and 8 are incompatible. So while the game might be fun to play, its age means that it is simply too outdated to even run on most machines.

The age of this game also means that the online servers that were once the lifeblood of its community and gameplay are no longer active. Without them, it is doubtful if the game will run even if it was installed on a system running Windows XP.

So even though it has a refreshing attitude towards soccer simulations, United Football is just too old to recommend as a worthwhile download.


  • Interesting arcade approach to a computer soccer game
  • Simple controls that make the game accessible
  • A focus on online play


  • Graphics are a little too cartoony
  • The game is too old to run on most computers

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